Whether you are building your dream home or undertaking a kitchen renovation, finding the right benchtop for your kitchen will enhance the visual appeal of your home. Here at Attila, we have a great selection of kitchen benchtops available in different materials to suit your style and budget. With many colours and styles to choose from, finding the right benchtop might seem a little overwhelming.
Attila has been a leading supplier of kitchen benchtops made from premium materials for over 20 years. Imported from Europe, our benchtops will help transform your kitchen from a workspace to a focal point. If you are looking at updating your kitchen, our team is here to help you choose the right benchtop for your new kitchen.

Natural Stone
If your goal is to create a focal point in your kitchen, then a natural stone benchtop will add significant aesthetic value to your kitchen. With marble being the most sought-after precious stone globally, you will love working on your new kitchen benchtop. Made in Europe and cut to size, our collection of natural stone benchtops in Melbourne will ensure your new kitchen will be the envy of your guests. Associated with luxury, add a touch of European opulence to your home with Attila.

The perfect alternative to natural stone, porcelain benchtops are a popular choice for those undergoing a kitchen renovation with a set budget. Ideal for busy kitchens, porcelain thickness and low absorbent qualities make it the ideal material for food preparation. Renowned for its resistance to heat, stains and scratches, porcelain doesn’t need to be sealed like other stones. Ideal for benchtops and splashbacks, porcelain is perfect for anyone wanting to renovate their kitchen.

Made from the finest natural stone, our terrazzo slabs offer a unique look to any benchtop. Complemented perfectly with terrazzo tiles, the unique mixture of colours in the composite will add contrast in colour and style to any kitchen. With many homeowners embracing terrazzo slabs and tiles, this stone is perfect to use as a benchtop or splashback.

Attila Will Help You Find the Perfect Stone for Your Kitchen Benchtop
For over 20 years, Attila has been a leading supplier of kitchen benchtops in Melbourne. Our collection of stone tops will change the aesthetics of your kitchen that will add significant value. To view our range, visit our showrooms or call us on 03 9357 7814 to arrange an appointment with our experts.

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