Whether you’re a homeowner or interior designer, you already know by now how your choice of furniture is an expression of who you are. It’s a point that’s especially considered by many new homeowners who want to impress their friends and loved ones. At Attila Home Centre, we always believe that picking the right furnishing will help to absolutely transform any living space into a welcoming home. Instead of playing it safe and picking style options that turn out to look bland, we thought to share a handful of perspectives to help you feel confident about your furniture selection.

Few things will express your personality better than a style of furniture that’s chosen for uniquely individual characteristics. With plenty of bold choices to make, have you considered what makes your choice of furnishing ideal? We always encourage our customers to consider a mix of factors that involve combining form and function. A living room couch doesn’t always have to look like a piece of art – but if it can look great as a centrepiece while providing a great deal of comfort, then you know it’s definitely a keeper for your home.

Curves Are Comfortable Around the Home
Ever wonder what it is about curves that excite a person’s senses? The fact is that the same applies to your choice of furniture, as it does to everything else with a visually curvaceous appeal. Well-rounded edges of fabric on a couch set are the perfect reason to keep your visitors’ eyes drawn to your furniture as a focal point for your lounge room. And what naturally follows after catching sight of these curves, is the understandable need to feel comfortable in your home space.

If it Invites You to Stretch Out, Then it’s Perfect for Your Living Room
Don’t just get a couch – everyone has one of their own. When selecting a furniture set for your living room, pick a talking piece that comes complete with an add-on, or in-built function like an extending footrest when it reclines. The expression ‘put your feet up’ doesn’t come out of nowhere, after all. Give yourself and your guests a reason to look forward to coming home to your living room.

Pick Your Furnishing As A Set  – Everything Else Will Fit Around It
Furniture sets are designed to match for a good reason. We stock a number of winning international designs at Attila Home Centre, which provide our customers with a wide choice of variety to pick from. The great part of getting a full set for your living room furnishing is that everything else – from shelves to the art on your walls – will fit in nicely along with a set that’s already become a centrepiece to your living space. How easy will the rest of your interior design choices be from here on?

 f it’s time you embraced the decision of picking a unique few pieces of furniture that make the right statement for your home, you’ll be glad to know that we keep variety and immaculate style at Attila Home Centre. Check-in with our home stylists by calling (03) 9357 7814 to know more about our catalogue today.

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