When it comes to planning for your next home renovation or even for a remodelling project focused on specific areas of your home, cost is often among the most important factors. This factor alone often dissuades plenty of homeowners from considering materials that price above average, due to the durability they offer. However, and as we often recommend to our clients, it always pays off in the long-term to carefully consider how appropriate material selection can result in fewer maintenance costs incurred later on.
Porcelain tiles are a ubiquitous choice among all the other options available, when it comes to selecting your building materials. The reason for its popular use within both commercial and residential environments has to do with the fact of its durability, and resistance to wear over time. As a result, this lends to its credibility among both builders and interior designers. Safe to say, we at Attila Home Centre are among those in our industry who would readily recommend porcelain tiles as a choice material to suit the different areas of your premises.

Perfect for Outdoor Use, Due to its Resistance to Wear
The truth is, porcelain tiles last longer than some natural stone variants, and also require less maintenance over time. This makes it perfect for use within your outdoor areas, whether you’ve been considering its use as flooring or for your exterior-facing walls. Compared to natural stone options, among which some may require sealing from time-to-time, porcelain is a more dense material with fewer air pockets. This allows for a thicker and harder overall composition that makes it among the most durable materials there are.

Excellent Mileage as a Material for High Traffic Areas
Have you run through a list of possible options when it comes to the building materials you might use? Let’s consider some of the more popular choices available, and see how these rate to porcelain tiles:
– Hardwood flooring,
– Limestone tiles, and
– Sandstone and slate tiles, to name some examples.

All these require more maintenance over time, as compared to porcelain tiles. Even limestone tiles may require sealing due to its porous nature, so as to prevent mould and fungal growth from forming. With porcelain, none of this is necessary – and what you get for your floors is a dense and scratch-resistant material that will most definitely stand the test of any high-traffic environment within your home.

Call Attila Home Centre to Explore Our Extensive Range of Porcelain Tiles
We’re your local experts when it comes to selecting building materials that look great, and last for longer. As a one-stop provider of interior styling supplies, Attila Home Centre is always ready to recommend the right choice of building materials to take care of all your remodelling needs. Just call us on 03 9357 7814 to see what we can do for you today.

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