Wood grain finishes aren’t strictly meant for traditional interior design styles. Timber look porcelain tiles present the perfect combination of durability and style, especially with how popular they are for use within natural light-filled spaces. This sees them popularly used as flooring options within living rooms, and even in sheltered deck areas. While they are cool to touch, wood patterned porcelain tiles also present a visual warmth that is unmistakable – be it for a nordic interior style preference, or for other modernist attempts. Whether you’re using these to achieve a contemporary look for your interiors, or just as a way to maximise the amount of natural light in your spaces, consider these three porcelain tile options that will instantly create a warm appeal for your home..

Create Light-filled Interior Spaces that Are Comfortably Inviting
Timber look porcelain tiles present a natural accent for your flooring, that you may not easily find with other options. This is due to the way their hues capture natural light, as well as with how their wood grain patterns attract the eyes. Keeping this pattern applied to your flooring simply sets the mood for an inviting atmosphere, especially when matched with the right choice of furniture. Regardless, options like our Nyx Cream tiles will effortlessly help you set the right tone for your living spaces, if ‘warm and inviting’ is the theme for your next remodelling.

Captivate the Senses with a Natural Glow
Iconic interior themes are typically portrayed with the use of timber surfaces and white backdrops. When applied for your floors, Daugres’ Home Teak Beige tiles provide a perfectly pristine combination that can easily accommodate any choice of modern furnishing you might select for your home. The best part of such an interior backdrop combo, is the fact that it will perfectly capture any source of natural light and create a beautiful, warm glow for your lounge areas.

Achieve a Darker, Textured Hue for a Grounding Effect
Darker, oak-like choices are also a possibility, when it comes to presenting a similar style, but in a deeper colourway. When applying a richer, cherry-oak theme for flooring, you’ll achieve a sullen, more mature impression that truly comes alive with any sunset. Burgundy and maroon influences will no doubt provide complementary highlights when you opt for choices such as Saime’s Kaleido Cappuccino tiles for your flooring.

Shop with Attila Home Centre to Find the Best Options for Your Interior Tastes
Carefully curated to match your interior design preferences, Attila Home Centre stocks a resplendent variety of timber look porcelain tiles. We’re always able to recommend suitable style pairings, if you’d like to think beyond tile selection and consider designer furniture options to complete any interior theme you’ve envisioned. Consult with our interior style experts by calling us today on 03 9357 7814.

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