When it comes to home remodelling and renovation projects, the bathroom area is but one of two main spaces within any home which will receive the most attention. Whether your next bathroom remodelling job involves styling a bathroom for a new-built home, or if you’ve finally come round to deciding that your existing bathroom needs an update, consider the following four tips we keep in mind.
Here are our product recommendations that will help you keep a standard and structured set of considerations for knowing where to start with your bathroom remodelling. From selecting appropriate tile choices, to factoring in essential updates to fittings, we have it all:

Clever Use of Colours and Patterns Can Heavily Influence The Overall Appeal
If you’ve found your existing bathroom spaces looking a bit drab and uninspiring, consider how the selective use of pattern or colour can add a bit more life to your interiors. This is an especially cost-conscious consideration that can help you minimise the overall cost of your next bathroom remodelling, while creating an impactful change that is immediately noticeable. For instance, how the selective use of these Dante Mix Decorative tiles by Kale adds volume to the feature wall space within this bathroom.

Consider a Functional Update to Your Bathroom’s Storage and Utility
Not all aesthetic updates are purely visual. Our showrooms in Moorabbin and Campbellfield stock a variety of bathroom cabinetry that present clever storage elements to add depth to your bathroom spaces. The EC825 bathroom cabinet by Empolo is just one example that integrates seamlessly with your sink and basin areas, if you’ve considered an update to your bathroom fittings to kick off your next remodelling project.

Do Your Bathroom Tiles Need To Be Changed?
Plenty of bathrooms in older homes will face wear and tear over time, especially when it comes to components such as their grouting. These can accumulate mould and dirt when left improperly maintained and require replacing. Often, issues such as these may cause homeowners to consider an overhaul of their bathroom, by replacing the tiles along with the grouting. If you’ve thought about getting this done with your next bathroom remodelling, pick a tile like Amazon Travertine by Dongpeng. These present a natural stone look, with a light stonepattern that features intricately for your surfaces. Additionally, they also help to create an edgeless look that minimises the exposure to grouting between each tile.

Consider Upgrading Your Bathroom Fittings As Well
Like your grouting and tiles, plenty of other areas of your bathroom will present with wear and tear over time. Ungalvanised and exposed parts of your taps and wash basins can present with mould and rust issues, and become an unsightly feature even within a newly-remodelled bathroom. Consider updating these fittings with brand new ones that also keep a certain style element in mind. Examples of these in our catalogue include the EC833 bathroom cabinet set, and EB624 Tap and Basin pack by Empolo.

Attila Home Centre Can Cater to Your Specific Bathroom Remodelling Needs
It’s never just a bathroom renovation when it comes to the large selection of designer products we stock within our showrooms. Whether you’re considering an update to your tiles, or require new fittings installed, our friendly team is always available to provide an effective recommendation. Call Attila Home Centre today on 03 9357 7814 to see what we can provide.

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