Are you among homeowners in Melbourne who consider themselves lucky enough to own a backyard or pool in your property? If so, you may want to explore what you can do to maximise the entertainment value of your property. A little bit of extra effort in these areas can help you go all the way in harmonising all the existing aspects of your home and bring out the best in your home environment. However, it may be best that you consider the right material selection as a way of matching the various qualities that your home already has.

More often than not, some of the best homes in Melbourne will feature attractive outdoor areas such as a:
– Gazebo,
– Pergola, or
– Verandah.

These popular areas of a home present a great opportunity for entertaining, and it is always good to know how you can maximise that value through a simple remodelling project. For example, adding additional outdoor paving to a backyard area could easily free up more room for seating your guests, or hosting visitors for a barbecue. Summer is here after all, and there’s no reason to have your guests standing throughout the time they spend visiting you for a get together during Christmas time.

Beautiful Flooring for Your Outdoors
At Attila Home Centre, we stock a wide range of beautiful materials for you to choose from. This includes popular choices like 20mm Sandstone Porcelain pavers in beige, to help your floors look their best for your outdoor areas. These work perfectly well with any modern-styled architecture, especially when kept shaded under a Pergola or Gazebo area. Apart from helping your outdoor areas look their most presentable, Porcelain pavers are also great at keeping cool to the touch – which is an added benefit especially if you intend to keep an outdoor space worth lounging around in. We keep a number of options in mind when it comes to porcelain pavers and natural stone products, and are always glad to recommend the right option to help our clients create beautiful outdoor spaces for their homes.

Keep Perfectly Cool During Summertime Highs
Whether you intend to keep your outdoor areas lush with a garden, or shady with a poolside to feature, Travertine natural stone pavers make a superb addition to any outdoor terrace or garden corridor. Like porcelain pavers, our Travertine pavers are a popular pick among our customers, simply because of how they help to keep your outdoor spaces cool and kept-together. Think of our pavers are products you can install to help neatly divide your various features outdoors, say between a garden bed and a lounge space. Having a neatly paved corridor undeniably adds plenty of value to the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

With its subtle beauty, versatile usage and easy maintenance, travertine portrays classic elegance to any home. Naturally slip-resistant with an availability of versatile sizes and finishes such as French pattern, pavers, large or small tiles, Travertine is an excellent choice for pool decks, façade, bathrooms, interior and exterior applications. Travertine is an easy favourite among our clients because they present an organic look with their earthy composition. These work for outdoor spaces just as well as they would within bathroom areas.

If durability is a part of your considerations, then take advantage of dolomite’s strength, easy maintenance and seamless look that compliment any other interior or exterior feature in the room. Ideal for all applications including but not limited to bathrooms, kitchen, bench tops, vanities, outdoor paving, pool coping, façade and fireplaces,

Plenty of Design Inspiration and the Best Quality Materials
Attila Home Centre is proud to provide its customers with a full range of building materials and interior design products to help them bring their interior inspirations to life. When it comes to building the perfect home space, plenty of homeowners pay mind to give their outdoor entertainment areas the attention it deserves. Whether you need a space to keep cool or want to impress with a choice of paver that helps your outdoors look their best, we are always ready to help you find what you need. Give us a call today on 03 9357 7814 to find out more.

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