Marble and Terrazzo are highly popular when it comes to tile selection for a remodelling project. Both materials present a connotation of timeless style and are often associated with luxury. This is especially true when you think of how many new home builds feature either of these materials within their entertainment or living areas. At Attila Home Centre, we stock an exquisite range of marble and terrazzo tiles from international tile makers. We understand how our customers’ tastes are often uniquely intricate. Therefore, we pay the utmost detail to material selection when we stock our catalogue with its range of marble and terrazzo.

However, there are a number of common considerations to make, when it comes to selecting the right building materials. The choice between marble or terrazzo is a common one to make, and we are always glad to consult with you if you need to make such a decision. Apart from discussing the aesthetics of either material, we figured to present the most practical considerations one could make. Here’s hoping these tips will inspire you towards realising the best of your next remodelling project.

1: Are You Going for a Classic or Contemporary Style?
In a nutshell, Terrazzo offers a wider range of colour possibilities than marble does. On the contrary, marble is chosen primarily for the shades of natural stone it offers. This all depends on the area you want to be remodelled, and other considerations related to how you expect the room to be used. What we often recommend is to decide whether the rest of the room will present a more classic or contemporary look. The marble or terrazzo tiles you use will help bring out the best of this theme that you’ve picked for the room.

2: Is Durability a Factor?
The kind of use and frequency of footfall seen in the room will also determine if a certain amount of durability is needed with your new tiles. Terrazzo tiles are thinner and stronger than marble tiles. The difference in thickness between these tiles may often result in cost differences to your remodelling project. This often means that terrazzo can last longer, especially if you are using these tiles for flooring in high foot traffic areas. Additionally, marble may not be as cost-effective when you consider how marble tiles require restoration.

3: Consider the Total Cost Required for your Materials
The added durability of terrazzo does also factor in the long-term costs associated with maintaining your home or premises. Terrazzo tends to be easier to maintain, but your choice between these two materials entirely depends on what you need them for. Are you replacing flooring, or making the tile selection for kitchen benchtops? These design intentions will help you to determine the pros and cons of both marble and terrazzo tiles.

Attila Home Centre Stocks a Comprehensive Range of Designer Tiles
Marble and Terrazzo tiles are some of the most popular choices one can make when it comes to remodelling their interior spaces. While both materials have their similarities, it helps to work with experts who can take your requirements into consideration. If you need expert advice on material selection for a new floor or kitchen bench area, call us right away on 03 9357 7814.

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