If you’re a builder or an interior designer, you’ll definitely be familiar with the struggle of having to maximise the budget for a project, while ensuring the best possible result. Everyone wants their home to look great – why else would they have hired you to get the job done? The great news is, we understand your need to keep the budget in mind, and have worked with plenty of builders and architects to help them find cost-effective tiling options that continue to wow their clients each and every time. At Attila Home Centre, we’re in the business of making sure what you build not only lasts as a legacy but helps your profitability too.

 We completely understand that it’s a business decision that you make with each tile selection for the gamut of projects you handle. The good news is we provide the kind of variety that not only provides options but the ability to help our customers create the best impressions for their projects, so the added value is created not only for your business but your clients’ developments too. We get that it’s about balancing between creating surfaces that look great but do not needlessly blow the budget. Consider these few tips to see how your future developments can wow your clients while helping your bottom line at the same time.

The Right Choice of Tiles Can Make for Stunning Interior Features
It’s a common interior design method to pick a feature and then build around it. The same goes for tile selection, no matter the room you’re designing or building. Try to focus a bigger portion of your budget on a feature wall that can stand out with an especially visually-striking choice of tiles. Be it through creating patterns like herringbone or hexagons, this one attractive feature in your room can help you opt for safer choices with your flooring and other surfaces.

The Floor-to-Wall Look is Both A Cost Saver and Space Maker
There’s a magic to using terrazzo and marble tiles that we are always proud to share with our clients. When you’re able to create surfaces that can hide grouting and any gaps between tiles, you’ll be removing visible lines that otherwise constrain your perspective of the space that you’re in. As an additional consideration, think about using the same choice of terrazzo to create a floor-to-wall look that maximises this perspective of endless space beyond just your flooring.

Durability Now Comes with Budget-Conscious Options
There are plenty of options when it comes to finding a suitable printed tile that looks the part and doesn’t break the bank. The timber look is always a fan favourite in our industry, with plenty of our clients choosing these to create a look of luxury for spaces that they otherwise may not have the budget to fit out with expensive marble or actual timber. The best part is that these tiles are both easy to maintain, and provide a dent and scratch-resistant option especially when used as flooring in a high foot traffic area of a property.

The important part of tile selection with interior design is to pick the right mix of materials that complements each other. At Attila Home Centre, we can provide a complement to your tile selection by ensuring your next project has the perfect mix of different tiles to meet your client requirements. Contact us at 03 9357 7814 to know more.

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