Creating the perfect interior style is a bit of an art. But don’t get discouraged from making effective choices, when it comes to pairing your tile selection with the right choice of furniture. At Attila Home Centre, we’re always happy to make these recommendations to those of our customers who need to find the right choice of building materials, under one roof. With our preference for european interior styles, you’ll never be left with mismatching interior styles. Our range of building materials and furniture styles is extensive, and includes a frequently updated catalogue that aims to present our customers with only the most unique, yet visually appealing pairings. If you’re planning on getting some interior modelling done soon, consider our choice recommendations when matching your tile selection with designer furniture options.

Match Modern Simplicity with Neutral Choices
White or beige are popular staple choices when it comes to tile selection. There are mainly two reasons for this: due to the way they reflect light to create brighter impressions, and because of how they create a sense of negative space to help your designer furniture pieces stand out. Pairing Supernova White tiles by Kale with bold living room furniture options such as NDESIGN’s Queen range, or with Selimoglu’s Fantastik collection will definitely help to bring out the most modern aesthetic look, if that’s what you’ve envisioned for your next remodelling project. Like any sense of modern design, it helps to remember that bold shapes and outlines truly stand out when set against a neutral background.

Apply Natural Design Elements together with Warm Interior Hues
There’s an undeniable sense of warmth that can always be found with wood panel tile choices. These present a grounded theme that catches natural light in the most beautiful ways. Understandably, it makes sense for you to match or contrast this theme with furniture choices that present the same sense of appreciation for natural elements such as wood panels, or teak and timber-like materials. Interestingly, natural stone flooring will also help you create a grounded interior backdrop, if you’ve considered a focus on wood-panel choices for your designer furniture selection. Consider matching Elle Silver porcelain slabs with the Soho series, by NDESIGN. Wood grain textures and herringbone teak patterns never look as good as they do, when set against natural stone surfaces.

Visit Attila Home Centre to Find Comprehensive Designer Tile and Furniture Pairings
We know that it takes more than just a single feature to create the perfect interior space. When it comes to piecing your spaces together, we pay attention to every aesthetic detail. This includes keeping an empathic understanding of your aesthetic tastes, to be able to bring your interior design ambitions to life. If you’re looking for interior inspiration for your next remodelling job, don’t hesitate to explore our catalogue of porcelain tiles and designer furniture pieces by calling 03 9357 7814.

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