The look of marble, with its rich decorative veins to adorn any wall and surface, is a look that’s simply understated. Marble surfaces find great ease of application, whether for a feature wall or for flooring. But you would be mistaken to think that its ease of form is due to anything but its timeless charm and classic beauty. There are plenty of good reasons for why marble tiles have stood the test of time, by remaining a top choice when it comes to selecting building materials. Just as well, marble-look porcelain tiles easily present the same aesthetic appeal, if natural stone is not an option for you to consider for your next remodelling budget.
If you want the beautiful patterned look that natural marble tiles offer, consider marble-look porcelain tiles. These do not require sealing, and are 100% waterproof, which makes them impossible to stain. Porcelain also offers strength and durability as ideal benefits, so you’ll definitely find them suited to a variety of interior settings around your home. We provide a range of marble-look porcelain tiles which come with different finish options. Be it for a matt or polished look, our product range will surely offer a selection of marble-look tiles to suit your premises.

Finding that Classic Look with Porcelain
Marble patterns typically come in two popular styles of Carrara and Calacatta. These speak to the types of patterns you’ll be able to see within the marble – with the former presenting mostly light or dark grey veins, and the latter with grey and golden tones in its veining. If this is the classic marble look that you’ve dreamed up whether for a feature wall or a custom-made bench surface, our Kale Iceberg tiles would suit your next project perfectly. Depending on the amount of natural light that you get within your premises, it might even help to consider a more off-white selection of tiles, to add a warmer impression to your surfaces. For that purpose, Kale Royal Marble tiles will provide an excellent choice.

For a Different, Darker Style
An added benefit of porcelain tiles is the ability for manufacturers to create a range of natural stone-look styles that wouldn’t be as easy to come by with natural marble. You want the rich, beautiful patterns found in marble veins – but can you find them in slightly darker varieties in grey tones? With pieces like our Savana Light Grey and Dark Grey porcelain tiles, you now have extra versatility when it comes to featuring beautiful marble veining with darker walls and surfaces.

Attila Home Centre Provides a Wide Range of Marble-Look Tiles for You to Choose From
No matter the details of your next remodelling project, it helps to find a trusted and reliable supplier of porcelain tiles. With factory-direct pricing available on a wide selection of our products, you will surely find the right aesthetic appeal among our products, at cost-effective pricing that leaves you with more creative freedom to bring your designs to life. Call Attila Home Centre today on 03 9357 7814 to find out more about our catalogue.

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