Creativity is the name of the game, whether you’re on a budget for your remodelling project or not. While it presents a way for you to save value on cost, opting for a creative, outside-the-box approach to your tile selection can also help you achieve a luxurious designer appeal to your interior spaces, without racking up the cost that it otherwise would. When it comes to minimising your expenses on your tile selection, feature walls are often an area of any remodelling project that deserve a bit of consideration.
If you find yourself in just this spot to consider how you can install your next feature wall without it having to chalk up too much of your total expenditure, consider how the following tile options might inspire you to look beyond the typical, and into a more creative approach. Afterall, achieving the perfect interior style is all about presenting the right appearance, and this is just as doable with a clever use of tiles, as it is with selecting an expensive and luxurious-looking option.

Textured Surfaces Can Create Intrigue In Your Environment
If you’ve considered placing a feature wall within a specific area such as a nook between a staircase landing and your living room, think about how a bit of texture can help you achieve the visual intrigue you’ve kept in mind. We keep a selection of textured Fabric tiles by Kito, which present a warm range of colours to stimulate your flair for interior mixing and matching. These are perfect when used for a select section of a wall space, especially if you’ve been thinking of experimenting with creating your own feature wall.

Try a Patterned Tile Arrangement Instead
Patterned tiles are intended exactly for special use applications, such as with feature walls. These are tiles that present an intricate appeal which may not always work in more general spaces throughout your premises. But when applied in a suitable enough arrangement, patterned tile options such as our Hued Patchwork tiles by Kale are a must-have if you are looking for an immediately stylish appeal for select spaces within your home. These are sometimes used as floor tiles, due to their intricate appearance – but will just as easily capture the imagination of your guests when used as a feature wall tile.



The Marble Look Succeeds when All Else Fails
Feature walls work by highlighting a specific area intended by the interior designer. This is typically done to tie the visual elements of a room to one area that naturally attracts the eye. The benefit to this treatment is that the areas around a feature wall are generally kept plain, so as to allow for a natural contrast that lets your feature wall space stand out. Interestingly enough, this is where a marble-look porcelain tile like our Marmi Classico Calacatta Book Match Tiles by Daugres excel. These will immediately wrap your desired feature wall space in an eye-catching pattern, that you can easily complement by using cream or plain coloured tiles for your adjacent walls.

Attila Home Centre Stocks a Complete Range of Porcelain Tiles for Your Feature Wall Ideas
We stock a comprehensive collection of porcelain tiles at our Campbellfield showrooms, with plenty of products you can consider for your next feature wall application. Attila Home Centre is also proud to provide factory-direct pricing on our tile products, with up to four times the savings offered to our customers, when compared to products by leading national retailers. Give our team a call today on 03 9357 7814 to see just what we can do to help your next remodelling project.

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