Interior designers know the secret behind how a great feature wall can inject life into any living room. Whether you’re a homeowner exploring a remodelling project or an architect that’s shopping around for ideas, read on to hear our take on tile selection and feature walls. At Attila Home Centre, we stock a wide range of designer furniture and building materials to help make any remodelling job inspiring. If you’ve thought about adding a feature wall to jazz up your interiors, here’s hoping you’ll be inspired by some of the points we’re about to consider.

The feature wall that you put together will clearly have to complement the room you are remodelling. Start by breaking down the elements in the room which you want to accentuate. A good feature wall will either complement or enhance these qualities. Quite commonly, feature walls are often created using a choice of paint or wallpaper. However, tiles go a step further to help make your feature wall section truly stand out. Tiles can help you create a textured effect and as such, add a realistic additional depth to your interior spaces as compared to what paint or wallpaper does.

First Considerations: What Makes a Feature Wall Pop?
Have you decided what the focus of your feature wall is? Identifying that focal point will help you picture how your feature wall will liven up the room it is in. Whether it’s the living room, bathroom or any other area of the home, siting your new feature wall in a location that naturally draws the eye is the best way to bring out the best in your living spaces. It’s easy to figure out where this focal point is: it’s usually where the TV, or headboard in a bedroom is placed.

Remodelling the wall where these items are placed is usually the natural process to consider. Creating a feature wall for such an area will simply liven up your interiors as you’ve never been able to imagine before. There are a number of set considerations to make before you figure out what your feature wall will look like, such as:
– The size of your feature wall space,
– The type of lighting it receives throughout the day, and
– The types of textures you could create with your available budget.

How Do You Pick Tiles for a Feature Wall?
Tiles are a great option for a feature wall, especially if it’s a feature wall for a bathroom or a kitchen. These kinds of environments often require the use of tiles for splashbacks. We stock a wide range of high-quality tiles that are perfect for use as splashbacks. When it comes to tile selection for your feature wall, remember to avoid picking a pattern or design that clashes with the rest of your room. If you’re thinking of kitting out a bathroom or kitchen area with a feature tile section, consider the following among our product selection:
– Kale Italia Grey Polished,
– Dongpeng Blue Deco, or
– Kito White + Black Ink Landscape

Carefully Curated Designer Tiles at Attila Home Centre
Attila Home Centre takes pride in being a curator of designer tiles, fit for a variety of interior styles. We continue to stock an exquisite selection of porcelain tiles, whether you are looking for a textured feel or a contemporary look. We are always ready to consult with you to provide the best recommendation on your next remodelling project. Contact us today at 03 9357 7814 to know more.

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