If you are planning to decorate your new home for winter, or if you have been living in the same place for decades and are preparing to renovate your house with some warm hues to beat the winter chills, we have some great ideas that can change the way you greet the oncoming cold weather! You can do a lot, or a little, to renovate your house for winter with colours that bring warmth to fireplaces, walls, or outdoor dining spaces. Natural stone options are also a great investment as they can add value to your home if you plan on selling down the track. Let’s see how earthy shades of natural stone can heat up your winters:

Opt For Natural Stone Fireplaces
With nose-diving temperatures and reduced daylight hours, the first thing you will comfort yourself with when at home is a cosy fireplace. A marble fireplace with warm colours can be a perfect choice stylistically, but also in terms of sustaining that fire for longer. Natural stone fireplaces stay warmer for longer than other materials as they absorb, store and retain heat. They are also easy to clean and wipe off any spilt hot chocolate! Choose from our collection of marble and you’ll have a bright and warm centre of the home to spend time in. You’ll reduce the chill in the air and have a beautiful customised fireplace with our natural stone options that blend in with your home.

Enhance Outdoor Spaces
Setting up outdoor spaces to make them cosy is not that difficult with the right styling. A natural stone dinner table is perfect for those comforting homemade meals. Travertine and sandblasted stones are perfect for outdoor areas and offer a natural look. The slightly textured surface means they are more suited to withstand harsh weather conditions.
Travertine is a natural stone that can make any outdoor space appear refined, modern, and stylish. Choosing the right look and type of natural stone for a patio and taking good care of the stone will offer the pleasure in your styling.

Pick From A Warm Colour Palette
The warm hues of natural stone can be the perfect way to warm up your home in winter. Turn your home into a cosy cocoon in frosty weather with colourful natural stones that add warmth. Let us help you to mix things up at your place with earthy tones of marble that give off that cosy feeling.
Mixing marble and wood is a popular style option when decorating a home, and especially suited to cosy winters. Check out our white marble options and pick the pattern that matches the taste and aesthetics of your home, we have a colour palette for everyone’s taste. Try using asena marble stone on kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, vanities, hearths, living areas, coffee tables, & more! On top of that, you can choose polished, honed, or brushed natural stone depending on its application

Attila Natural Stone Stocks A Complete Range of Warm Coloured Natural Stone In Melbourne
Visit our showrooms at CampbellfieldBlackburn, or Moorabbin to see our collection of natural stones that go well with other natural materials such as wood in your home and works extremely well with underfloor heating to keep your home warm during winters.

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