If you're among lucky homeowners who have enough room in your outdoor areas to fit in a pool, you'd definitely be wondering what to select in the way of building materials. Thankfully, Attila Home Centre works with a number of different property types in Melbourne to find quality solutions across a wide range of considerations. Pool coping is just one of the more popular requests we receive among enquiries by our clients. As there are plenty of options available for owners looking to fit out their pool areas with pool coping, here are the best tips we have to offer.

You might find these useful especially if you have a remodelling project already scheduled for your outdoor spaces. Material consideration will feature just as importantly, whether you need pool coping for a poolside or a choice of flooring for your high traffic areas indoors. It's all just the same with our interior design specialists, as we always recommend practical value that factors in what your areas are used for, as well as any budget considerations you might have. Among some of the most popular choices when it comes to picking material for pool coping are:
- Sandstone,
- Limestone, and
- Granite.

Granite – the Versatile Favourite for Any Outdoor Area
Our 20mm Granite Black porcelain pavers are a very popular choice for homeowners looking for pool coping products. These are highly valued for their aesthetic appeal, especially because of how they offer a dark contrast to any highlight or feature to be found elsewhere in your pool area. This is especially considerate when you think of how a well-lit or contrasted pool will otherwise stand out as a centrepiece of your outdoors when set against these porcelain tiles.

Keep A Touch of Italian Design, Right in Your Backyard
A touch of texture in your pool coping material selection will go a long way, especially when you consider how you would want to keep cool when lounging by the pool. Our Nero pavers by ROC present a subtle but undeniable attraction, especially because of its textured surface. This interesting helps heat distribution especially across the entire surface of your pool areas, helping to keep you and your guests cool by the poolside. More importantly, these are a perfect choice for the pool area especially due to their resistance against wear.

If you want a timeless appeal to your outdoor areas, then consider either Turkish Bluestone or our European 30mm Travertine Pavers. These are hot favourites among our stock, and are available with no lead time required for your project's needs. We also provide a pallet selection so you'll be able to select the perfect variation to suit your needs. Perfect for builders and homeowners needing a product that is easy to maintain and only requires sealing once every 15 years.

Thoughtful Material Selection for Every Area of Your Home
Our interior design specialists keep a keen eye on providing the best cost and quality there is available. Working with our experts, you'll be able to find insightful considerations for material selection in all aspects of your home. We stock a comprehensive range of pool coping materials for you to choose from. If you ever need a recommendation for your next remodelling project, contact us today at 03 9357 7814 or sales@attila.com.au to see just what we can do.