Due to the surge in innovative technologies and reduced production costs, porcelain has made its way to homes across the globe. Porcelain is a sustainability star for home and commercial use. High-quality porcelain plays a crucial role in all of its applications. Ranging from bathroom floors to art to insulation on high voltage electrical cables, porcelain in Melbourne has reserved an irreplaceable space.

The most common and highly favoured application of porcelain is for flooring, splashbacks, walls, and countertops. Count them in for your residence if you are planning a renovation or need some part of your home to stand out from the rest. Let’s look at 5 types of porcelain tiles that you’ll always want around.

Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles
Get the benefit of hardy porcelain with the beauty of Terrazzo Tiles. Terrazzo look tiles are lightweight and low-maintenance. Their quality and availability make them a popular choice for those in Melbourne looking to introduce the beauty of porcelain into their homes. The earthy tone tiles are perfect for creating a continuous flooring finish in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Our versatile collection of terrazzo look tiles comes in multiple colours and finishes.

Natural Look Porcelain Tiles
Just like terrazzo look tiles, natural look porcelain tiles are made of lightweight materials. These tiles can be timeless and suit the aesthetic of any part of the home. Be it kitchen or bathroom, natural look porcelain tiles can bring a charm to your house. Calacatta and cashmere are two varieties of porcelain tiles we have at our showroom in Melbourne. Use natural look tiles as a floor or wall finish – they are just timeless.

Textured Porcelain Tiles
You can transform the appearance of rooms with our monnal and fabric textured porcelain tiles! Choose from the spectrum of patterns for your kitchen backsplash and enhance the look and functioning of the home. Bring the powerful image of natural colours with the variety of textured porcelain you can find in our warehouse in Campbellfield.

Timber Look Porcelain Tiles
Give your home staircase a lift with timber look tile flooring. With high density and little porosity, the home teak, legend, nordic, fishwood, and many other variants of porcelain tiles are great as a layer on the stairs of your residence. These tiles look like wood but are made to resist scratches, stains, and dents and still appear new even after years of usage. Be it outdoor steps or interior staircases, timber look porcelain tiles turn out to be a favoured solution.

Large Format Porcelain Tiles
Believe us, the blend of porcelain tiles with mamba porcelain slabs is durable and aesthetically appealing. Black mamba porcelain slabs are made to bring focus to its application and achieve a compelling visual impression when used as flooring in your house.

Attila Home Centre Stocks A Complete Range of Porcelain In Melbourne
Attila Home Centre has been a leading supplier of porcelain in Melbourne for builders and renovators for decades. Visit our showrooms at CampbellfieldBlackburn, or Moorabbin to see the range of porcelain tiles that go well with your home aesthetics.

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