Be it cost-effectiveness or versatility in application, porcelain slabs are among our most in-demand products at Attila Home Centre. Whether you need suitable building materials for your kitchen or for a living room feature wall, the fact remains that plenty of our clients seek out porcelain slab as a way to maximise their investment cost on a material that is widely applicable throughout any area of their home. Consider some of our most favoured reasons why we love recommending porcelain slab to our customers, regardless of the remodelling job they’ve planned for.

The Key Benefits of Using Porcelain Slab
Simply put without exaggeration: porcelain slab is a modern marvel when it comes to the interior design industry. Its benefits are numerous, and present a cost-effective option for many reasons, without diminishing the aesthetic appeal of your ideal interior style. Despite its durability, porcelain slabs remain impressively lightweight and thin. This lends itself to plenty of different uses around your home remodelling project, whether you seek to focus your next renovation on your bathrooms or otherwise.

Porcelain Slabs are Highly Resistant and Suitable for Different Environments
Porcelain remains a favoured choice of building material for numerous interior environments, due to the fact that it is: – Resistant to Mould and Fungal growth, and – Resistant to scratching. – Heat and stain resistant This places it within very ideal considerations, whether you need a suitable material for use as a kitchen splashback, or for use within your bathroom areas.

Porcelain Slabs are Very Durable, and Resistant to Wear Over Time
Even when used in your outdoor areas, porcelain slab offers a resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light. This leaves its colour and aesthetic appeal protected against sun damage, so it is not as prone to fading as other building materials may be. As porcelain is also resistant to heat and frost, this goes all the more to showcase its versatile use within both indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

Porcelain Slabs Offer an Identical Aesthetic Appeal, Similar to Natural Stone
We’ve had plenty of our clients use porcelain slabs in place of natural stone, simply due to the effect that its appearance can have on their interiors. This especially applies to marble-look porcelain slab, which is often used to adorn the feature walls within a living room environment. Separately, remaining material leftover from a porcelain slab can also be repurposed for use within areas which require water-resistant tiling, such as with bathroom showers.

Attila Home Centre is Your Leading Provider of Porcelain Slab
We offer a one-stop solution for customers seeking cost-efficiency and durability with their building material selection. When it comes to creating your dream interior environment, few providers are as comprehensive at Attila Home Centre. Call our team today on 03 9357 7814 to find out more.

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