Plenty of our clients can’t help but ask about the large-format porcelain slabs that we stock at Attila Home Centre. When it comes to tile selection for their next renovation or for a new home, it’s understandable for home owners and builders to want to go through the available range of choice we keep in our catalogue. However, not all our clients may be aware that choosing porcelain slab can lead to a number of obvious benefits. Among these include consistency of material, and even cost-savings when compared to a per-square-metre difference on some of our more popular tile options.
No matter the kind of interior style you’ve envisioned, it is always worth considering your choices from a larger pool of building materials. When it comes to porcelain slab, you’ll see that there is simply no denying the aesthetic appeal, long-term durability, and cost appropriate option that these can provide. Porcelain slab is manufactured to look like granite, marble, or other choice textures – depending on your needs. As we receive a fair amount of requests for marble-look tiles at Attila Home Centre, it comes as no surprise why our porcelain slabs present as an equally popular option among our customers. If you’re wondering how your next remodelling project could use a slab or two, read on.

Kitchen Countertops are Just the Beginning
Since porcelain slab can be manufactured to look just like your preferred material, they easily provide you with a means to fit your kitchen space with a durable, and visually appealing kitchen island countertop. This could easily present as either a granite or marble bench – save for the fact that porcelain is non-porous and presents a food-safe option for when you need to rely on its durability within a food-preparing environment. Just imagine how a choice like our Black slabs would fit impressively within your kitchen spaces.

Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy and Appealing
Porcelain slabs work a treat when you use them for your outdoor entertainment areas. These are just perfect if you’re thinking of putting together a barbeque or outdoor meals area for family and friends to enjoy. Porcelain slabs will not only save you the hassle of having to piece a number of smaller tiles together for your bench, but also provide the convenience of being easy to wipe down and clean after each meal. The fact that porcelain slabs are waterproof also go further to recommend their use in outdoor kitchens. Options such as our Selini Grey Slabs would do just perfectly within the outdoor areas of your premises.

Seamless Beauty within Your Bathroom Walls
No matter the size of your bath area, it’s always interesting to witness the look of marble veins cascading through a feature wall. Imagine how porcelain slab would fit divinely within this setting – not just in its appearance, but also because of how porcelain works so well as a waterproof material. With the right choice of porcelain slab such as our Calacatta Gold slabs, you could easily achieve a seamlessly beautiful wall for your next bathroom remodelling.

Attila Home Centre: Providing A Rich Selection of Porcelain Tiles and Slabs
No matter your preferred interior style and budget, Attila Home Centre provides an impressive selection of tile products to meet your needs. Consider how porcelain slab can help you create your dream space, while helping you save on needless costs in the long-term. Whether for your outdoor spaces or for a grand feature wall idea, we are always ready to provide an obligation-free consultation when you call us on 03 9357 7814.

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