It’s easy to flip through any interior design magazine to point out what settings and styles appeal to you. But the reality is that you may not always have all the right elements in place for recreating exactly just the look you’ve picked out from a page. This is especially the case for remodelling jobs that look to minimise any interior update, whether due to cost or a desire to keep existing elements. Regardless, swapping out your old tiles for new ones is often a typical order of business, especially when it comes to regrouting or replacing tiles due to age and wear.
If you’ve considered replacing your bathroom tiles for this year, here’s a look at three instantly appealing ideas for you to choose from. Each of these has its appeal from a couple of main considerations. Among these include adding a twist on existing popular tile choices for bathrooms, and considering options that provide something a little different from what most interior stylists might typically recommend.

It’s Not ‘Just a Splashback’ when You Use Graphic Tiles
Graphic tiles offer a lovely opportunity for interior stylists to add a healthy splash of colour and playful pattern to their bathroom spaces. This is especially handy if you’ve wondered how else your bathroom spaces can be livened up, or if you’ve ever wondered how a feature wall might suit such a space. Our decorative patterned tiles often come in a variety of tasteful monochrome patterns, and these include our Royal Gallery White-Black tiles by Kale. These fit perfectly within the enclosure of a shower space, and work exceptionally well when sealed off with a clear or frosted glass screen.

Try Marble Patterns Instead of Blank White Spaces
Plenty of homemakers and interior designers get drawn to the use of cream or white porcelain tile options, when it comes to creating a bathroom setting. This is an understandable choice due to the way blank spaces help other elements of your furniture or decoration stand out. While this has common appeal, it may be worth considering swapping these white tile options out for porcelain tiles with a marble-look. A perfect example of this can come in the form of our Calacatta honed tiles within our catalogue. As these are porcelain tiles, that leaves no need for you to seal them like you would have to with a marble option. Ideally, porcelain tiles also feature a degree of water and slip-resistance, depending on the specific product you select. mixed

  A Light Timber Look Creates a Warm Appeal for Your Bathroom Floors
It’s a general consensus that light tile options will work better within a bathroom space. However, this leaves no need to rule out how well a timber-look option would suit your bathroom floors. Choices like our Home Teak Beige tiles by Daugres can help you create a warm and welcoming presentation to your bathroom floors, while helping to keep the corners and edges of your bathroom light and bright. The added bonus with choosing timber look tiles is with how they naturally set the scene for other natural elements to find their place within your bathroom decor. Plants and other natural green influences will instantly find a fit to your choice of new timber-look porcelain floors.

Attila Home Centre Stocks a Complete Collection of Bathroom Tiles for You to Choose From
Visit our Campbellfield showrooms or call us on 03 9357 7814 to find the right tiles to suit your bathroom spaces. Whether for a shower splashback or to rejuvenate your choice of floor tile, our collection is comprehensive and we offer attractive factory-direct pricing that is simply unmatched by local retailers. For all your porcelain tile and designer furniture needs, remember to look for Attila Home Centre.

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